Dental Crown

Having a dental crown doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly become royalty, but it can help give you a regal smile.

If you have a tooth with a big filling, cracks, or large decay, it may be a candidate for having a dental crown in order to protect the tooth and enhance its longevity.

A dental crown or cap is a fixed prosthesis that is permanently cemented to your tooth and does not come in or out. It’s basically a cover for your tooth, and becomes the new outer covering for your tooth.

Dental crowns come in many different types. The most common is porcelain or tooth-colored crown. Gold crowns were once the most popular crowns, but due to cost and aesthetics, porcelain crowns are now used more frequently.

Dental crowns may be your answer in many instances including root canal treated teeth, cracked teeth (due to clenching, grinding or normal wear and tear), failing restorations, and teeth that have large cavities.

How is a dental crown applied?

  • Application of a dental crown may take two visits. During the first visit, Dr. Schlueter will create a mold or impressions of the damaged tooth to make the crown. You may be fitted with a temporary crown.
  • When the final crown is ready to apply, Dr. Schlueter will apply it to the damaged tooth with cement. Dr. Schlueter will shape and polish it so it fits comfortably in your mouth.

At Advanced Dentistry of Blue Ash, we’ll help you learn more about dental crowns and have that royal smile you deserve. To schedule an appointment, call 513.891.3333, or go here to start the process online.

Example of crown going on a tooth.


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